My 2013 Iowa Bow Buck

10/29/13 – Thanks again to everyone and their nice comments, its been a whirlwind the past three days after my buck went down. I actually have no intention to stop hunting, especially with my camera. I also have doe tags and a Missouri hunt to get in yet. This is going to help me really zero in on some great photo’s so stay tuned. As far as my set-up the other night, I had a pretty good idea the fence line I was on would produce, just didn’t know when. I have a doe bed to the South in a creek that is pretty heavily wooded surrounded by corn. To the North is more open but an area known for great bucks and he came from the North. The shot was right at 55 yards and caught top left lung, he did not go far so my 2013 archery season really was short but very successful. I rough scored him at 162 2/8 and with 13 measurable points he is very unique with double and triple eye guards, he also was one of the bigger bodied deer I have shot pushing 230 pounds field dressed. He is very palemated and measures 8 1/2 inches in one spot, not much deduction so “yes” I am happy with him. I do have one trail cam photo of him.


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